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Comfortec Windows and Doors received the Homestars Best Installer Award 2020 and have a 9.9/10 rating. We have hundreds of reviews on Homestars, Facebook and Google from many happy customers.

Private user, Toronto

says on Homestars
Extremely knowledgeable. Professional. Competitive Pricing. Quality installation. Our Toronto home is in the middle of a renovation. We decided half-way through our build that we wanted to replace our 40-year old rear deck sliding doors. Our general contractor (not Comfortec) advised us that, because we were raising and installing new floors, would have to raise sliding door brick foundation by 3 inches and remove the top brick header to compensate. The general contractor told us this would cost $1650, and that was even before we factored in purchasing and installing a new sliding door! Igor from Comfortec came over to provide a quote. He immediately impressed us with his knowledge of what needed to be done. He quickly assessed that our general contractor was mistaken and that the work described to us as necessary was in fact not necessary at all! We were stunned. Igor took his own measurements in coming to his conclusions, talked to our contractor, explained why our contractor's recommendations were not necessary, and jokingly apologized to our contractor for taking money out of his pocket. Our contractor agreed that the alternative measures that Igor suggested (which would not cost us a further cent) would allow the our new floors to be flush with the threshold of the new sliding doors. Wow. Igor saved us $1650. In terms of the options, Igor did not try to "upsell" us. He pointed out what the options were and fairly pointed out that not all were needed, and left it to us to decide which ones we wanted, if any. The new sliding door was installed within a couple of weeks of the quote, which is excellent. The only suggestion I would make is that if your installation is time-sensitive, to email Igor to get updates. He is always very quick to respond, and assured us he was waiting on a delivery date for our requested pet-proof screen, and that once he had it, he would contact us immediately re installation. He made good on that promise. Our general contractor said Comfortec's installation seems to be very good, as is the sliding door. We actually haven't used the sliding door on a regular basis yet as the house is still under renovation and will be for several more weeks. But to our initial inspection, it seems to look and work well. The door itself is made in Ontario, which is fantastic. We look forward to living with it everyday and will definitely be speaking to Igor when it comes times to update our front door and other windows.

Customer, Toronto

says on Homestars
It brings me great pleasure to provide a review for Igor and the Comfortec team. I first found Comrortec Windows and Doors through Homestars and decided to have him provide an on-site estimate since his reviews were so strong on here. I noticed right away that he was very knowledgeable about his products and windows in general. He actually had sample windows in his vehicle and showed us all the various options to choose from and how they work in practice. He is very suave and sells well. After his presentation and walk-through of our home, he provided a quote that very was fairly priced with a reasonable delivery/installation date. He then recommended we make the deposit right away to ensure that we move the project forward. I still wanted to take quotes from other Window companies before I committed, but he insisted he would be the best. I ended up paying the required deposit while he was on site. I usually never do this, I'm a huge skeptic since I've have had many bad experiences. I then (regrettably) somehow convinced myself over the next few hours after he left, that Igor may have just pulled a fast one. Just by how fast I gave him the deposit and that it may have been a mistake because he could just be a really good salesman. I very assertively requested a refund, he said sure, I'll give you the refund. I ended up meeting him for the refund at the factory that produced the windows. Let me tell you, I couldn't believe how large a facility it was. The owners of the facility all knew Igor very well and he took his time to show me how everything gets built in the factory. He didn't have to do this, he already agreed to refund me. I decided to change my mind and go forward with him. And am I glad I did! Everything he promised, he delivered. The windows were delivered on time. They were beautiful, not a scratch on them. Perfectly measured. The installation team was led by Paul, very nice, helpful, hardworking, and professional. Just as Igor promised, it took two days. On the second day, they wanted to ensure they completed it and worked from 9 am - close to 9 pm. These guys are incredible. We have been renovating our entire home all year and have unfortunately had trades make many, many mistakes, from top to bottom. Igor was a breath of fresh air, rarely do you get somebody from start to finish, takes their time, is fair with price, delivers on schedule, and cares about their customers and their work. I will recommend Igor to anybody and everybody. And for his troubles, I told him I'd keep his sign on my lawn through the warm weather in 2021. GO WITH COMFORTEC! Do not think twice. I now have asked Igor to do the honors of my front door as well!

moniquelim666, Toronto

says on Homestars
We are happy with how our windows turned out and the service that Comfortec provided during the process. We changed 10 windows including our rear and basement windows. We originally had white aluminum windows and went with black painted vinyl windows from Vinyl Pro. The windows really updated the look of the house and brightened up how our red brick colour presents. Our installation date was the third week of October, 2020. Igor, the owner and sales person of the team, had great communication from beginning to end. His response time was prompt and he was very knowledgeable about his products. He answered any and all inquiries with a quick response time. His demonstration was professional and did not use high pressure sales tactics. Comfortec was the first company we had quoted and Igor was very confident that he would win our job after we had done our diligence and quoted other window companies. Once we had chosen Comfortec and finalized the job, the installation date that Igor originally estimated was accurate from the beginning. The installer came immediately to measure the windows the same week once the contract was signed and the deposit was given. Igor showed a willingness to go the extra mile and he proved it to us. Within three weeks of the installation date, we requested a significant change to the configuration of one of our windows. Igor went above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure our change could be accommodated, despite the windows having already been manufactured and sent to the paint facility. We can't even imagine the disruption this had caused their manufacturing and painting lines. This was but one of the few examples during our experience that solidified our approval of the company. The installation team was punctual and diligent. They installed ten windows during inclement weather (cold and rainy) and faced unexpected obstacles due to the build of our house, which was build in 1964. They arrived at 8:00am and worked until a couple hours in the dark, finally leaving at 8:30pm. The installation crew was a group of three people with a variance of experience across the team. Two were clearly experienced whereas one was new to the window installation industry. All the installers had a strong attention to detail and were very picky with their workmanship. It felt as though they were installing the windows in their own home. While the job could not be completed in one day as expected because of the unexpected challenges, the installers completed the rough installation of the windows and cleaned all areas before leaving. They returned within the week to ensure the job was done to its entirety (finishings, mouldings, and exterior caulking). They paid attention to each window and cleaned up all the garbage and excess materials. Obviously, it is too early to say how long the windows will last but if there are any problems within the warranty period (25 years for frames and sash, 25 years for workmanship, 15 years for sealed glass), we are confident that Igor, Comfortec, and Vinyl Pro will stand by the warranty. Overall, we had a great experience from start to finish. Thank you to Comfortec for a job well done. I would hire them again to potentially replace the front windows, entrance doors, and patio doors of my house in a few years.

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