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I'm not a review writer, but when something is done right I consider it is my duty to let others know about the good craftsmanship, and products these guys are providing. It's been already few weeks since my windows were replaced by Comfortec, and my life really changed, and please allow me to get in some details. First I'll describe the process, and then the results. From the start, we tried to find the best company offering the right product in the right time interval and at the appropriate price, so we had conversations with four different companies. Comfortec was the only one who had samples with them and we were able to see, touch and understand the product before making any decision. They are competitive in pricing and tried to match the best offer we had and where wasn't possible they add couple desired options that none of the prior contractors could deliver (type of window, glass, frame, etc). After an initial measurement in about 7-9 days a second measurement was conducted, and then in couple of week they call and set an installation date. Talking about installation their team had a big challenge ahead as the house is a 60 years old bungalow with brick, cement block, wood frame walls, with multiple renovations done before covering on inside with drywall the aluminum windows frame that were mounted on the initial wooden frame (a refit done back in 1990's). The windows installed are "brick to brick" so all of that aluminium, wood frames and portion of the drywall around the windows needed to come out to make place to the new windows. Honestly I had my doubts, and I mentally prepared for a lot dust, wall patching and paining during and after the windows installation, but I was wrong. There is no need for patch up work, or paining, and the small team managed to cut the inserts and install the windows close to perfection. Of course there was dust, but way less that I was imagined and, let's be serious for the task they completed, it was no issue for us especially that in the 2 days the team worked to install the windows they never left without vacuuming and cleaning the worked area. Team was sensitive and covered the furniture with covers and tried hard to keep the dust at minimum and I saw some effective, ingenious, and successful techniques. It is time for me to describe the life after the windows installation. * First thing I noticed was the noise, better said the lack of it, it is like I'm not living in the city anymore, house is so much quieter inside. * Second was the light, and the window size; as the frame are thinner there is much more glass surface so more light is coming in. * Third is the thermal insulation, and this is a very important feature that makes me recommending these windows and contractor. Please allow me to emphasize. With the changes of windows I wanted to decrease the spending on heating and cooling, and to monitor the effectiveness of the investment (windows) I installed a smart thermostat with multiple sensors. In this way I was able to track the temperature during the day when I am at work and to see my HVAC system efforts to keep the house at desired parameters. The windows are very effective in blocking the heat from coming in for the hot (+30C) and to retain the heat inside when colder outside (+10C) (there were no negative temperature since windows were installed). Example: outside temperature +33C trigger temperature for AC to go on +24.5C (when we are away) constant average temperature in the house +23.5C with the hotter room at +24C. In conclusion the product Confortec is providing is wordy, and as per technical details (oh yeah they provide you all the details on technical characteristics of their products too, and lots of years of warranty), their installation service is precise, fast, clean (sensitive to your belongings), and overall excellent. I'm recommending Comfortec Windows and Doors (Igor, Genadi and Vasile) for your windows replacement.
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